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Match Report
Europe unit vs fat..GameRz Europe
18 - 21
8 - 14 Loss
10 - 7 Win
  • Call of Duty Call of Duty
  • Date & Time Played: Monday 12 March @ 19:15
  • Match Type: Clan-War
  • 2 Map(s): mp_dawnville(8-14), mp_brecourt(10-7)
  • Team Size: 5 vs 5
  • Team: nXXX, d1on, Leontarios
  • Caller/Captain: nXXX
  • Most Valuable Player: d1on
  • Match Report by: natikO
  • External Link: Click Here


Match Report by: natikO

Shouldnt you mind your own bussiness?

Tuesday 06 March @ 11:37 by Netherlands ch1el

< 333

Tuesday 06 March @ 13:34 by Romania smiley

u just not posting the wars vs us ( lost ) thats all man Smile take it easy

Tuesday 06 March @ 13:35 by Romania smiley

Its VirseVersa

Tuesday 06 March @ 13:37 by Canada Chary


Tuesday 06 March @ 13:45 by Canada Chary

I remember the time we won 4 funwars in a row off you, you posted only one. You guys are such hypocrites and natikO abuses his powers here. Like he said both clans should mind there own bussines.

Tuesday 06 March @ 16:17 by Netherlands ch1el

btw this is a fake score

Tuesday 06 March @ 16:42 by France nXXX

yes nexus xD...this is fake result xDD u didnt get 18 points

Tuesday 06 March @ 20:07 by Croatia $n4kE

no, u restarted before the end of the last side

Tuesday 06 March @ 20:11 by France nXXX

anyways 21-11 we won already

Tuesday 06 March @ 20:16 by Finland pain

we were playing and u restarted with no reason at halfside

Tuesday 06 March @ 20:17 by France nXXX

yes i tryed to say that it was 21-11 already when axis side started but idc if u want the 7 points go ahead Laughing

Tuesday 06 March @ 20:30 by Finland pain

cheil - mind your business.

And for the 100th fucking time READ WHAT I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didnt mean to put "28-11" it was auto selected on my browser.

i go to edit the result and u guys remnove my rights.

i have done nothing but help u guys. i get no thankyous no nothing.
i help explain or to offer to sort ytour ts3 out. i offer to do this to do that.
i made a fucking banner and your site - no thankyous.

All my intensions were with the match results was to save you guys time in doing so. not to bitch/brag about our results. You guys over-reacted completly.

Yet again, all you had to do was confront me directly.

Tuesday 06 March @ 20:35 by England natikO

its chiel* and I still have more to do with unit then you, wich grants me rights to talk to you about this. Cato already gave us ts back then. whatever its sorted.

Tuesday 06 March @ 23:27 by Netherlands ch1el

Lol you dont understand me.
Look on homepage..youve tried to set the teamspeak monitor - doesnt work.
i helped to explain how to do it. thats what i mean.

End of discussion - already spoke to dion n nex

Wednesday 07 March @ 00:14 by England natikO

It's still 21-11 on your site.

Wednesday 07 March @ 16:52 by Finland NoCanDo

Just changed it, happy? for fuck sake ..

Thursday 08 March @ 17:40 by Greece Expert

natiko is right, he's done alot for you guys and he doesn't even get a thanks or anythng, bah gtfo.

Monday 12 March @ 00:49 by England wezzY

u don't know the story -> u have no right to post here

Monday 12 March @ 20:38 by France nXXX

ban me then, fucking idiot

Monday 12 March @ 21:12 by England wezzY

again rude. and u are too fool to understand what i meant. i didn't mean u have no right to post here, i eman u have no idea of what happened so why would u post? banning is useless as u come back all the time to flame and be rude more and more u can't stop with that. just watch ur 2 poor posts " gtfo " " fucking idiot " l2behave well

Tuesday 13 March @ 19:59 by France nXXX

natiko is right, he's done alot for you guys and he doesn't even get a thanks or anythng, bah gtfo.

u hacked his xf.

Tuesday 13 March @ 21:57 by France nXXX

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